The Ambassador Platform contains three different types of content from your ambassadors if you're using all features:

  • Chat contains profiles of your ambassadors.

  • Content contains captioned photo and video posts.

  • FAQ contains frequently asked questions and answers on which you've collaborated with your ambassadors.

All of this content lives and is searchable on your TAP Feed.

The layout is intentionally very similar to a social media newsfeed with interactive content and navigation controls. Prospective students anywhere in the world can see what your ambassadors are up to, learn about your institution and, most importantly, have confidence-building interactions via our Chat feature.

Content is grouped around ambassadors profiles too so by clicking on a profile, users can see everything that an individual ambassador has created (that has first been reviewed and published).

You can customize the page in the following ways from the Admin Dashboard: 

  • Title

  • Description

  • Section headings

  • Add or remove a search bar

  • Add or remove custom drop-down filters

  • Change colors to fit your brand

Finally, you can create pre-filtered and customized links to your TAP Feed to better suit the prospective students you are targeting.

We hope this has been helpful and if you need any more information, just get in touch.

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