There are many factors that influence the number of engagements you will have with prospects through The Ambassador Platform. However, once you have completed setup, the most influential of these is simply maximising the number of prospects who see the profiles and content you have created.

Here are some ideas of how you can use our Promotion Feature most effectively:

Lead Generation

1. To drive maximum lead generation, add a pop card to your website’s homepage, as well as key landing pages. If you are a Higher Education Institution for example, include pop cards on pages such as Student Life, Accommodation, Undergraduate etc.

2. Add filtered pop cards to your course pages to promote personalized conversations based on course interest:

Type = "Pop Card"

Filter = “Business”

Page Title = “Speak to our Business students”

Page Description = “Find out the answers to all of your questions about the Business course and wider student life by speaking directly to our Business student ambassadors.”

Tracking Source = “website”

Tracking Campaign = “BusinessLeadGen”

3. Within a menu on your website, perhaps under 'Student Life', create a tracked link called 'Speak to our Students' which links to your TAP Feed.

4. For custom campaign landing pages, you can use a profile carousel to display specific groups of ambassadors.

5. Using ambassador generated content on your social media channels is a great way to increase awareness and generate leads: Dave Musson, our TAP Evangelist, has written an article on how to make the most of this that you can find here.


6. Increase conversion at different stages of the recruitment cycle by creating a targeted email campaign for applicants to offer holders and conversion to enrolment. You can do this by creating tracked filtered links to make personalized introductions to ambassadors based on shared interests such as course or nationality. We have an article including email templates that you can check out here.

7. Use ambassador content in paid social media adverts and direct prospects to speak directly to ambassadors via tracked filtered links. More on this in Dave’s article.


8. For your prospects, having the opportunity to meet and speak to your ambassadors at events like Open Days is key. This should be the same for any events that you host online, as well as ensuring any support staff and academics are on hand to answer any questions. Check out this article on how to set up virtual events using TAP Promotions.


9. Create business cards for your ambassadors with their profile link so they can share them at events to promote ongoing follow-up conversations.

10. When doing outreach and recruitment in schools, include a slide or banner to show that follow-up conversations with ambassadors are available through the website should any of the students have further questions.

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