It's essential that your ambassadors are well-incentivized and engaged in their role to be successful. Being able to measure the input and value that each individual ambassador adds through their work is extremely helpful. It allows admins to identify their top performers and where they might like to direct training; it can support ambassador compensation schemes, and it can be used to give tangible career benefits that are informed by the data to ambassadors.

Career points help to recognise and reward your ambassadors. They play a central role throughout all features on TAP.

Through our app, ambassadors earn career points for time they spend engaging with prospects and creating content. All actions in the app are rewarded, and ambassadors earn bonuses when their content and FAQ answers are published and when they receive good feedback from prospects. This motivates ambassadors to create quality, publishable content and to have helpful interactions with prospects.

How are Career Points awarded?

The way we allocate career points is set up to incentivize quality over quantity, with ambassadors benefiting greatly from producing content, publishing FAQs, and from getting very positive feedback from prospects they interact with through the service.

The table above is also available in the app so ambassadors can learn how and when they earn more points. The number of career points an ambassador has is shown next to their name in the app. This is to create a sense of social pride in the work each ambassador has done for their community.

To further incentivize students with that all-important 'tangible career benefit', we also create an automated career reference that ambassadors can download. This shows the same data that makes up the career points, but in a written format. As such, it acts as a data-driven report of their activities.

We use career points for calculating 'time' spent on the app by ambassadors seen in the Time Report. The ratio we use is that 3 career points is equal to 1 minute of time worked. 

It's important to note here that bonus points will not contribute to the time reported. The purpose of the bonus points are to incentivize ambassadors to produce high quality work but not to falsely inflate the reported time.

If you have any questions or thoughts about career points or anything else in this article, please get in touch.

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