There are five stages for getting up and running with The Ambassador Platform at your institution. These stages are explained on the homepage of the Admin Dashboard, so we suggest you create your account and then work from the homepage as your guide. Here is a brief overview of the steps involved, links to other helpful articles, and of course, just get in touch if you have any questions.

1. Creating your account

If you haven't already received a link to create an account, please contact us through support and we'll share with you directly. (We don't make this link publicly available).

2. Linking your privacy policy to the platform

This is the first step in the start guide of the homepage on the platform. There's a box to add your Privacy Policy and some suggested wording from our lawyers you might like to add.

The Ambassador Platform is a Data Processor (as understood in the context of the GDPR). You are the Data Controller and are responsible for the data we process on your behalf. We will display the privacy policy you have linked to all users of The Ambassador Platform (students, staff and prospective students) when they create an account. You can read more about this in our legal set up article.

3. Inviting your ambassadors to the Training Center

We have an email template on the platform to help you with this. The template contains two key pieces of information:

  • A link to the video training center so they can learn more about the service and each feature.

  • An 'Ambassador Registration Code' unique to your account so they can represent your institution when they create an ambassador account.

Read more about how to invite ambassadors to the training center and how to activate Ambassador Profiles.

4. Creating and embedding your TAP Feed for prospects to see your Ambassador Profiles and content

On the dashboard, you can see a preview of your TAP Feed in your TAP Feed settings. This will be empty until profiles are activated and you start creating posts and FAQ answers with ambassadors. You can read more about how to set up your TAP Feed here.

We recommend you assign FAQs to your ambassadors to build up content on your TAP Feed, and also collaborate with them to produce photo and video content, ahead of going live. See our 50 recommended FAQs for some initial ideas, and content tips here.

5. Customizing the TAP Feed and Optional Data collection

You can input your logo and brand colors which we'll use to brand the service on the TAP Feed and Ambassador App.

You may like to collect optional data fields from prospective students, such as if they have already applied to the university. Here, you can read more about the available options and how this works.

That's it. Check out the rest of our Help Center to learn more about the service and get in touch if you have any questions!

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