Our Chat feature enables you to have one-to-one and group conversations with prospects.

You will have a profile card embedded on your institution's website, through which prospects can send you chat messages.

You'll receive notifications directly on The Ambassador Platform app on your mobile phone. From there you can reply directly, just like WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.

Watch this video to get some tips on how to have great conversations:

Top tips:

  • Be friendly and open

  • Take an active role in the conversation

  • Share your experiences

You will be speaking to a very wide range of people so it's really important that you are responsible in these conversations. You could be speaking to children as young as 13, people from completely different cultures and potentially even people who are vulnerable and at-risk.

Watch this video to learn more about safeguarding on The Ambassador Platform:

Top tips:

  • Treat all conversations through the platform with the same level of professionalism as you would in a conversation at an Open Day or similar event.

  • Don't share any personal or contact information (email, Facebook, your full name etc).

  • Don't worry if you don't know the answer to a question - it's better to say you don't know and add someone else to the conversation to help.

  • Flag conversations that make you feel uncomfortable (if you're concerned for the welfare of the person you're speaking with, or concerned you might have given inaccurate information).

  • Be aware that there is automatic keyword detection and conversations are visible to your university or college for review.

That's it! We really hope you enjoy your work through our service and are able to help hundreds if not thousands of people make a more informed and confident choice about the next stage in their life. 

Check out these other articles or get in touch with our Customer Success Team through the chat link if you have any questions.

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