We want to enable your institution to work with you to tell your story, and that of the institution as a whole. Our Content and FAQ features give you the tools to share your thoughts, anecdotes and experiences, helping hundreds if not thousands of people around the world get an inside view of your institution from the people who are living it every day!

Our Content feature allows you to create social media content which your institution can then use on their social media and website.

Our FAQ feature allows you to answer frequently asked questions that are then searchable on your institution's website.

Watch the video below for some top tips on how to create great content:

Top tips:

  • Think about what content you would have found useful.

  • Share your experiences through your content

  • Be yourself :)

The maximum file size the app supports is 170 mb. All of the content you submit through the The Ambassador Platform - photos, videos, text for FAQ answers -  is automatically owned by the institution you represent as part of the standard terms you accept when using the mobile app. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please get in touch with us or the contact at your institution to learn more.

Finally, remember to keep content appropriate for the intended audience. Your work on The Ambassador Platform is no different from work you might do at open events when you're talking to prospecss so try to keep the same tone and level of professionalism. 

Please check out the other resources for ambassadors and get in touch if you have any questions:

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