TAP demo and training
A 1-hour training session for admin users (staff) on how The Ambassador Platform works and how to use each feature. 


  • A clear understanding of all three components of The Ambassador Platform (Ambassador App, Admin Dashboard and TAP Page widget).

  • How to get setup with your student ambassador team and the TAP Page widget on your website.

  • How to operate the different features (Chat, Content, FAQ and Analytics) to achieve your recruitment objectives.

XCM strategy workshop
A 60-minute workshop looking at every stage of the recruitment funnel and how you can most effectively use TAP at each point. We'll cover the importance of working with your ambassadors to create amazing content, and then using that content to drive conversations and embed a robust approach to XCM across the cycle.


  • An overview of the recruitment cycle and how TAP applies - and can be maximized - at each stage

  • A persona of the type of prospect you're trying to recruit and analysis at each stage of the cycle of where they're at, what they want to do next and how they're feeling

  • Ideas and inspiration about creating eye-catching content, using that content to drive great conversations, and using TAP to keep your ambassadors motivated, your prospects engaged and your recruitment strategy moving

  • An understanding of how to get the most out of TAP beyond simply using our platform; what other resources we have available to you, what's coming up on our product roadmap, and which of our features will add even more value to your ambassadors' experience

Ambassador simulation
A fully interactive and immersive workshop to ensure your student ambassadors are correctly set up on the TAP Ambassador App and are confident using it. We'll also involve your admin staff so they are confident using the dashboard to monitor chat, send FAQs and request content. The session is between 1 hour and 90 minutes depending on class size and is the perfect step between your ambassadors completing the online Ambassador Training Center and going live.


  • Practical experience of engaging with prospective students via Chat in real time, as well as responding to FAQs and content requests, with a full debrief and discussion afterwards in a zero-pressure, simulation scenario.

  • An understanding of how content submitted through the app will then be used by the admin team on their TAP Feed and social media channels

  • A chance to use TAP’s built-in safeguarding features - keywords, conversation flagging etc

  • Experience of how to add additional ambassadors to a Chat and how to close conversations

  • A thorough understanding of the career reference tool and career points

  • Best practice advice for using Chat, Content and FAQs

  • Ideas for Content campaigns that admins and ambassadors can collaborate on

  • A team of ambassadors and admins who are confident in how to use the app and dashboard and ready to go live!

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