This brief article shares some content inspiration and starter topics you can send to your ambassadors. Create a content group to send your requests - find out more about getting started with Content. You can also use our Content Schedule to pre-set requests for your ambassadors on our handy calendar. There are also some default suggestions activated already to get you started.

First piece of content

  • We encourage all ambassadors to record a 30-60 second video introducing themselves, and a bit about them and their experience at your institution. Of course at the end, they should encourage prospects to chat to them with any questions they have. These videos bring your TAP Feed to life, and are linked to the ambassador's profile, so that prospects can find out more about ambassadors before starting a chat with them.


  • Video tour of accommodation

  • Photos of accommodation


  • Video about why they chose to study at the institution

  • Video on top tips for applications/personal statement


  • Photos of events and goings on around campus

  • Seasonal campus photos

  • Video tour of parts of campus

  • Top tips for the best places to go on campus


  • City photos

  • Video tour of the city

  • Photos of favorite places or things to do in the city


  • Video discussing the best thing about the ambassadors' course

  • Video discussing how to decide what course to take

  • Photos in lectures/seminars/library revision sessions

  • Photos and videos whilst on placement¬†

  • Photos and videos whilst on year abroad


  • Video on how to budget spending at university

Student Life

  • Photos of activities on weekends and in spare time (sports and societies, going out, shopping, exploring)

  • Video on moving in and making friends

  • Video on what support is available at university

  • Video on how to prepare for university

  • Photos of how their work spaces and tips for studying

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