TAP now offers the ability for customers to have their own web server instance of The Ambassador Platform - we call it Custom Domain Setup.

Custom Domain Setup is for you if you are looking for:

  1. Maximum SEO value from the content that your ambassadors create through TAP

Custom Domain is built using SEO best practices and then customised to suit your audience. Every profile, content post and FAQ answer has its own URL and is individually indexed in search engines. This means that a prospective student could do a search on google and directly find answers in the content created by your ambassadors.

2. Enhanced Customisation

We will take CSS Styles directly from your website and customise your Custom Domain Setup so that it looks like a native and bespoke part of your website.

3. Faster Load Times

Custom Domain Setup loads directly from our servers using a worldwide Content Distribution Network without needing to load your website and then our iframe inside that. The result is significant with page load times halving in some cases.

So, how does it work?

  1. We will create a new web server instance for your setup of TAP and give you the IP address so you can create a sub-domain and point to this unique address. An example of the subdomain you might create is: chat.yourdomain.com

  2. We will do all of the heavy lifting to customize our service to your brand styles and guidelines.

  3. We'll optimize SEO by adjusting text and keywords specifically for your institution.

  4. You can use linked accounts functionality as part of your multi-account strategy to have different TAP accounts on this Custom Domain setup. Each TAP account will have its own TAP Page displayed in the following URL structure: chat.yourdomain.com/team1

  5. The homepage of this Custom Domain can show all ambassador profiles and all of their content from your linked accounts together on one page in a single searchable format. We'll also add the branding from each linked account to the ambassador's profile automatically to make it clearer to prospective students who they are talking to.

  6. Finally, each item of content - be that a profile, content post or FAQ - will have its own SEO-optimized unique URL. This means Google and other search engines will be able to index this content individually and serve them directly as posts. This is very powerful for driving additional organic traffic to your website and where the iFrame technology we use in our standard setup comes up against limitations.

The result is you have our advanced peer recruitment technology, fully customized and powering your bespoke experience communication platform. Please get in touch if you'd like more information.

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