We have successfully onboarded more than 100 customers across the globe. While each implementation is different, there are a few steps that are common for all our partners. On average, implementation takes around 4 weeks from the Kick-off Call to actually going live but it has been done within 1 week with some customers who have student ambassadors already identified. Following the plan outlined below will ensure you are in a great place to launch TAP!

The typical 'TAP Working Group' who should be involved in onboarding and ongoing management of TAP:


  • Student recruitment team members

  • Marketing team members

  • Student ambassador management team members

  • Digital/Web team members - this team is important primarily for the onboarding phase, to ensure the technical setup is completed as well as CRM integration where relevant

Phase 1: Kick-off Call

Once we agree to our exciting new partnership, the first step is to have a 1h Kick-off Call with your Customer Success Manager. This meeting is an opportunity to learn about your strategic priorities and identify how and where the utilisation of TAP will fit in. We'll go through all the key considerations such as what your goals are, who your ambassadors will be, who your target audience is and touch on how we'll launch your TAP Feed.


  1. Introductions (10m)

  2. Optional: Overview of TAP (5m)

  3. Implementation Plan (40m)

    1. Recruitment priorities

    2. Ambassadors

    3. Technical setup Qs

    4. Discuss the launch

  4. Wrap up & next steps (5m)

What happens after the call?

If you haven't already, prior to the call, you'll need to create your admin account as the first step. The project leader will be able to sign up using their personal details and work email address, and then invite any other additional admins, create their TAP Feed and invite ambassadors. You can learn more about they key steps for a successful set up here

Phase 2: Ambassador Training

We would highly recommend that you run a comprehensive training session of your own with the selected ambassadors which covers the following:

  • Introduction to the ambassador programme

    • What is the purpose of it?

    • What are the objectives?

    • Why have these particular individuals been selected to be ambassadors?

    • What is the role itself?

  • The training

    • Guidance around messaging and tone of voice to be in line with your brand

    • Safeguarding

    • Content creation

  • Setting expectations

    • Plans for the next year

    • Your minimum expectations of them

    • Highlight the benefits and what they'll get out of the programme

Complimentary to this, we will also run a 1h training session with your ambassadors to ensure they feel comfortable with the functionality in the app and allow them to practice having conversations, producing content and answering FAQs. We will of course also cover some best practice.

Phase 3: Go-Live Call

The purpose of this call is to not only run a final check of your setup prior to launching, but to also ensure you have a launch plan in place to hit the ground running and start engaging your target audience the moment you set your page live. We'll also briefly touch on some value metrics that we could track to assess results against later down the line.


  1. Catch up

  2. Review the TAP Feed

  3. Overview of promotional examples in the Go-Live Plan

  4. Discuss launch plan

  5. Touch on value metrics

  6. Wrap up & Next steps

We hope this is useful - as always, if you have any questions please get in touch with your Sales Manager, Customer Success Manager or send the team a message at: support@theambassadorplatform.com

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