Communicating what will be expected of ambassadors in the run up to the holiday season and what percentage of admin staff absence can be accommodated at any one time will make sure everyone’s expectations are managed. Below are some tips to help you plan ahead:


  • Ask your ambassadors whether they will be available to respond to messages. You can turn off unavailable ambassadors and build an ambassador "holiday roster" with those who will stay active on the page

  • Update your ambassadors' automated first message to inform prospects of possible delays. You can ask your ambassadors to do this or you can update it directly from within your Admin Dashboard's Ambassador List if you'd prefer to implement a standard reply. For example, "Thank you for your message, I will be in touch soon. Please expect a slight delay in my response during the holiday season"

  • Take the opportunity to source some festive content from your ambassadors before they start their holidays through a content group!

TAP Feed

  • It's best practice to update your TAP Feed description to advise of delays over the holidays. For example, "During the holiday period (Date to Date), our dedicated team of ambassadors will be answering to messages intermittently, but please expect a slight delay in response"


  • Make sure your keyword blocking is turned on so keywords are not visible to chat participants until you review the conversation

  • Organise a roster with a designated available admin for safeguarding purposes and share it with your Ambassadors. Admins who won’t be available can turn off their email notifications

As a reminder, our Customer Success team will be available throughout the festive season. Please don't hesitate to reach out via the support chat in the dashboard, or email us at

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