Getting the best out of TAP means seizing all the opportunities the platform offers. Here are three simple ways to make the most of The Ambassador Platform:

Work with Student Ambassadors

  • To allow for peer to peer conversations where students can share experiences, recruit student ambassadors from your partner institutions and ask them to join your team as "student ambassadors". Here are our top tips for recruiting student ambassadors and remember there's training workshops and webinars available to them.


  • Incorporate TAP to any online events you are running to allow conversations with your staff members during or as a follow up to your event. Some examples are: parents and carers, teachers CPD or workshops with students

  • Are you hosting an online summer school or themed workshops? Utilize TAP as a tool for young people to be able to ask questions throughout the workshop and afterwards!


  • Are you running a mentoring service for students? Think of the possibility of using TAP for "online mentoring" for Year 12 or 13 students to either support your team's in person activities or replace them in the current context.

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