You may have already seen, and even used, our Group Chats feature which enables multiple prospects to engage with multiple ambassadors on a specific theme or topic directly from your TAP Page. You can read more about this and the key functionality here.

You may now create Private Group Chats that you can promote to specific prospects via a unique link. Private Group Chats are not viewable or accessible on your TAP Page.

There are several reasons to use Private Group Chats:

  • To support 'invite only' virtual events such as offer holder or applicant days and create a buzzing community feel on different topic areas, subjects and themes. This may include things like 'Accommodation' or 'Student Life', subject specific groups such as 'Chemistry Q&A', or broader themes such as 'Studying Online'.

  • To create a closed group for ambassadors to engage with prospects over a longer period of time, for example, offer holder or applicant groups where ambassadors can chat with prospects in a private space up until enrollment.

  • To support groups of students on virtual summer schools, specific projects or study days.

How does it work?

  • It has all of the functionality outlined in the article about public Group Chats. Simply create a group chat, based on a topic or theme, add a first message and invite ambassadors to be involved:

  • To make it private, ensure you select 'Make Group Chat private'. This will keep it hidden from your TAP Page and you will be given a unique link to share with prospects:

  • Simply share this link with the prospects you would like to invite to the Group Chat and it will only be accessible to those with the link.

Please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager, send us a message on our support chat or email via to discuss how you can use Private Group Chats 😊

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