Upcoming Live Streams on TAP


Virtual events are here to stay and customers have been using TAP in various ways over the last year. Live Streams provide an additional and highly engaging touchpoint for prospects, giving the opportunity to get an authentic insight into life at your institution.


TAP will integrate with existing video streaming technology to create a Live Streams experience for prospects. The Live Stream will be accompanied by a Group Chat that can exist independently of the Live Stream.

There will be the option to host private Live Streams, as well as a pre-registration feature in order to collect lead data and begin engaging with your prospects from the earliest point.


Creating a Live Stream

  • Admins create a ‘Live Stream’ and accompanying Group Chat with relevant ambassadors.

  • Admins can promote the Live Stream via a pre-registration link and/or on their TAP Feed, depending on how broad an audience you would like to promote to. Admins will share the link for presenters with the relevant people taking part in the Live Stream.

  • Prospects can signup to the Live Stream via the pre-registration link you promote. This creates an account for them on TAP and enables them to immediately start speaking with your ambassadors and engaging with your content and FAQs in advance of the event.

Live Stream on the TAP Feed

  • If the event is public on the TAP Feed, prospects will see the opportunity to register in advance.

  • Prospects do not need to have an account to view the Live Stream, but they will need to have an account to send a message in the Group Chat. Sign up will work in the usual way. You can see more about data collection on TAP here.

Management of Live Streams

  • Admins can see and edit upcoming Live Streams, those in progress, and previous events. This includes editing the ambassadors involved in the Group Chat, the name of the stream and the first message in the Group Chat.

  • As with Group Chats, admins see all messages exchanged during the Live Stream, can enter the chat if necessary, and delete messages. Admin will also be able to stop the Live Stream at any time if necessary.

  • Reporting for Live Streams will be filterable by stream name and key metrics including total views, number of pre-registrations, the total number of prospect accounts created.

  • Recording of the Live Stream and the chat transcripts of the Group Chat will be downloadable.

This article is designed to give you a high-level overview of what to expect from TAP Live Streams, as we complete the build, final designs may vary.

If you have specific questions or would like to talk about this in more detail please speak with your Customer Success Manager or send a message to support@theambassadorplatform.com 😊

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